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How much does it cost?


Students in the one-year undergraduate program will earn 26 credits over a ten month period:


The 26 credits are comprised of:

  • 6 x three credit courses over 3 semesters

  • Ministry Practicum over 10 months (5 credits)

  • Short-term Missions trip (3 credits)


Student costs for the one-year undergraduate program cost $2050 for these 26 credits (excluding the costs of your missions trip). 


The $2050 that we are charging will cover the Application fee of $100 plus a $75 fee for each credit earned ($75 x 26 credits = $1950).


Thus, the cost of this one-year program is well below the normal cost of $8540 for the credits earned. We are keeping student costs down in the following ways:  

Each student in the School of Mission will, as part of the school year, undertake an internship with a North Shore Church.  In lieu of wages, students serving for 10 or more hours per week will have a significant portion of their tuition paid by their placement church (this amounts to about $4500). 


Students will also need to pay for the Outreach component of the course (the short-term mission), which varies depending on the choice of mission organization.  Students are encouraged to fundraise to cover this portion of their costs.