How much does it cost?

Tuition for the undergraduate ministry apprenticeship program is $8,540. This includes all tuition costs for the 26 college credits granted for completion of the 8 classes taken during the year.


However, unlike many other internships, we highly value the work that our students do in their placement churches and ensure that they receive generous compensation. Thanks to our partnership with placement churches in North Vancouver, in lieu of wages, students serving for 10 or more hours per week will have all of their tuition costs met by their placement church. As wages for student ministry hours across the year total to approximately $4,500, this represents a saving of around $4,000 on tuition fees for each student.


In this way, student costs are limited to

  • a $100 admission fee, to cover the school's administrative expenses

  • the college credit administration fee of $60 for each 3 credit course

  • the cost of the outreach component, which varies depending on the student’s choice of mission organization. Students are encouraged to fundraise towards this in their home church.

Further financial information is available on request.


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