A one-year program that is taken, ideally, as a first or subsequent year within a Bible college degree program, but may also be taken as a stand-alone introduction to church ministry.

School of Mission & Ministry Undergraduate Program

Ministry Apprenticeship Component

  1. One full calendar year ministry apprenticeship

  2. Serving in a supervised ministry setting in Hillside Church or an associated local church

  3. Each ministry apprentice has one main ministry responsibility in youth ministry, teaching, worship, pastoral care, evangelism, etc., as well as broad exposure to the wider range of church ministry

  4. Each ministry apprentice has individual discipling/mentoring, focused on their ministerial formation

  5. Ministry apprentices form a community of practice, developing their own patterns of fellowship, worship, shared spiritual disciplines and mutual accountability

  6. Students may opt for 20 church ministry hours/week or 10 church ministry hours/week

  7. Academic credit is given for ministry apprenticeship component

  8. Supervised ministry practices are followed, including the submission of self-study and supervisor’s reports

Academic Component

  1. In addition to the ministry apprenticeship component, one day each week is set aside for academic classes

  2. Classes place a heavy emphasis on applied theology, drawing on ecclesiology, ministry, theology, missiology, Bible, spiritualty, leadership and church history

  3. A  framework-action-reflection model of learning is applied to students’ ministry experiences

  4. The primary goals are to enable students to form convictions about church ministry and leadership, and to facilitate their development as reflective practitioners

Outreach Component

  1. Each student undertakes an off-site outreach project

  2. This is in the form of a short-term missions trip (normally overseas) of approximately a month in duration

  3. OR in the form of a full-time secondment to a mission agency working in Canada for approximately a month

  4. This outreach component is offered through partnerships with Reachout to Africa, Keats Camps, Bulembu, and Himalayan Life.

  5. Students report back on this outreach experience in the form of a research project

  6. Academic credit is also offered for this program component


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